Spotlight: Loverly

My Name:LoverlyWhere I live:Gothenburg, SwedenFavorite excuse: “It’s to cold outside! lol…it usually is in Sweden!”

My inspiration: As I get older- my health, trying my best to live a healthy /balanced lifestyle, feeling great (I believe if you feel great about YOU, then everything comes together in full circle!:)

My workout habits: Hmmmm…I am not the least bit a “workout” person. Mundane routine workouts like going to the gym won’t work for an energizer bunny like me.  I tend to get bored with daily workout routines, so I try to mix it up. However, for many years I have maintained the routine of walking for at least one hour every day. I love walking! It’s my therapy session, plus I get to burn a few calories. Since the weather can be brutal in Sweden, I usually go swimming two days a week when I’m unable to go walking. That amounts to two one-hour sessions, which, I must say, is the best full body work out for me! I love it! I sometimes go hiking with friends, play badminton, dance at home, (lol..I know) and of course, keeping up with an energetic two-year-old can keep anyone in shape! lol

Personal Strategy: I do what works for me. I don’t kid myself by starting workout routines that I know will be short lived. If you do what you love, then it just becomes a way of life and not a task, and since I love to walk, walking has been a way of life for me. No matter what, I know that as long as I am able, my daily walks will be a part of me, always. Also, I believe in setting limits and boundaries. I try to make seven pound weight gain the limit, and then get back to form. Otherwise, it is just too easy to loose oneself in the weight struggle!


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